Melissa B.

Spiritual Beam of Happiness/ Artist / songwriter / musician / activist / girl geek

What you started remixes are out now!!! Get them on iTunes or google play or amazon or beatport all over the world!! #teammelissab

Gotta smile when they think your sad. 💗😏😀
Me and my sister Vicky having bonding time … 💗💗💗
Me & my niece Kalaya getting ready to have fun in New York. 🙊🙊💗💋😘😘😘

We got nominated for the #undergroundmusicawards for
1. Best R&B Pop Female
2. Most promising Female Artist
Lets go #teammelissab !!!! So excited!!!! Thank you so much!

Good morning rocking #bsquad #bhoward #IDoIt is on iTunes! @BHowardOfficial amazing cover!!! Let’s go #teambhoward! 👍🙊💗

My little niece kalaya told me I smell like “LOVE”…wow💗…special..