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I am completely infatuated with Brandi Milne’s work

Good morning everyone. Know your worth. Know that you are special and are the light💗
The face of a determined woman whom you can’t stop. That’s the space I am in right now. My movements will astound you this year. Keep watching Melissa B. TV !! I  am here and I am coming!!!! 🙊😱

How to Absolutely, Positively Kill It on YouTube [Case Study]



In two years Timeflies went from being nobodies to selling out shows across the country and blasting sexy music into eager ears everywhere.

How did they do it?

By killing it on YouTube

Rob and Cal put all their eggs in the Youtube basket. They started dropping a new video every week. This weekly video, dubbed Timeflies Tuesday, is basically anything the guys are feelin. Such as, freestyles, covers, original songs, music videos, and behind the scenes footage. Their current YouTube numbers are seriously sexy…we are talkin 284,000 subscribers and over 72,000,000 video views. Are these guys child prodigies? NO. Screw rabbit holes, lets dive head first into this basket of eggs and see how they did it.

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He challenged her… he made her feel. He let her in …💋💗😘