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Look out for NYC rising star @melissablive at this Saturday’s fight at DC Armory ft. @THEREALBHOP vs @Beibut_Shumenov!
It’s Official!!! I am going to be singing the National Anthem for the Bernard vs Shumenov airing in SHOWTIME on April 19th!!! #melissab
I could fill this whole post with pictures of this nature. I hope you’re getting the point.  Words do hurt. Sometimes, they can even kill.  More than one person has taken his own life because he or she believed they were worthless; that there was no hope of ever improving; that everyone who knew them hated them.               Eph. 4:29. Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear. Words have power be careful at who your talking to and understand words can cut more than a physical wound. They stain as memories.  #lovealways #melissab
Thinking of when this #melissab project will drop … Are u ready?
What is a woman to do when music drives her with passion? Are you ready for Me? #melissab #whatyoustarted

because very few in life will know how to touch your soul.
anyone has the capability to touch physically.
but the ones who settle into your thoughts, your breath , your veins, your heart..
those are the people who have had the most profound impact upon you.
~ beautflstranger


Produced by B. Howard. Written by B. Howard, Melissa B. and Nikko Sherard.

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After this post I will not say anything further. I just want to say its hurtful to see people say things about someone close to you that your work with.  When you know that this person is so nice and a wonderful talent. My friend Brandon is the most wonderful person I know. He would give the shirt off his back to help others. He is truly one of the greatest producers and artist I have known. That’s all I wanted to get off my mind.  Please support him and get to know him as person….Good bye😔
The journey of #melissab technology driven #girl #geek #cyber-pop
Dream… #melissab
Let’s get happy! 💋 #melissab  #universalmusic #bungalorecords